Reading Recovery is a diamond in the rough of literacy instruction. Nearly all best literacy practices in schools, when peeled opened, will find Marie Clay’s Reading Recovery intervention at their core.

Reading Recovery is a letters and sounds to reading and writing excellence action full practice that will have your little one reading in a short time, with joy and confidence.

Marie Clay like any bold and brilliant woman created a legacy for this earth. She observed how children learned to read FOR HOURS! Imagine her bill for prescriptions to relieve her headaches! With that work she created Reading Recovery.

Reading Recovery is an ocean deep intervention for first-grade readers. It teaches children how to read and write. It gives children the confidence to read and write. It gives children the tools to actively participate in reading.

Trained Reading Recovery teachers are the most skillful reading teachers on the planet.

With anything practice that is truly phenomenal and worth your while, you’ve got to dig a bit to find this beauty. You don’t land on the best heart surgeon, best price for jewelry, or best mate without some work.  Now that you have landed on this gem set up a call with me and we will figure out how to create a tutoring schedule for your first grader.

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