Phonics rules are the stuff that may drive early literacy teachers to crave carbs, refreshing beverages in quantities like vats, and linguistic experts a pulpit on which to profess.

My personal philosophy on phonics is one that includes threading the work through reading (text and books) and writing (personal and purpose assigned).  However, there are times when teaching skills in isolation, like priming an athlete to increase their speed as a sprinter or to smooth out their strokes as a swimmer.  Marie’s teachings and videos will offer options galore for your literacy tool kit.

The video below explains why you’re wrong when you teach the rule when two vowels go walking – spread the word – it is an urban legend!

When Two Vowels Go Walking

Marie Rippel is my new crush for all things literacy related. I can’t even tell you how I tripped upon her gem offerings! I’m on her email list. I receive regular videos that are to the point and pack a wallop of information to apply immediately in my practice. I love finding an expert who ups my game. Marie does just this through her fun, light, and informative videos.  Her about page which includes a video shares her reasons for her All About Learning Press Business.

Her Facebook business page is an ocean of information that could be applied to your homeschool or classroom.

The video link on the left side All About Learning Press will have you drinking in education like you are in the front row of university level classes to shoot your literacy practice into mastery level gear. Videos include phonics, sounding out words, syllables, books, reading with expression, and a library full more!

As a reading specialist for more than seventeen years, I’m not only getting refreshed but getting my brain infused with even better knowledge!

Marie is of course in business (we are not affiliated) she sells curriculum, currently, on my wish list, I just have to pick out which one!

Even if you’re a linguistic expert from birth you’ll want Marie’s gifts for practical application with your child/ren or students.

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