I love visiting the library to refresh my library!

I love enlisting the help of my families to make the visit to the library (one less thing for my to-do list)!  Plus when families go to the library 3 things happen: 1) they usually bring their child/ren (which means your student, Michael) to explore the library and help select the books 2) Michael then gets invested in reading organically through this action step 3) it leads to organic show and tell happening in the classroom when Michael gets to bring those books to class!

Refresh your library with sports books for the spring! Sports are happening all over around anyhow – embrace the interest and activity that is going on outside of school and bring that joy and fun in!

Click here >>> BASEBALL for your free baseball template! After indulging in books about baseball – Students could write HFW (High-Frequency Words or Sight Words), or content/vocabulary words. Then, play memory, go fish, or create their own original games!

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