Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!  That is how I feel about this topic!

Would you drink phthalates?

Would you like a plate of terpene?

Do you enjoy the fresh air over formaldehyde?

Do you feel responsible for the growing minds and bodies in your classroom?

Would you ever want to harm the endocrine or reproductive system of yourself, colleagues, or students?

You may have students with developmental problems, would you care to add to them? Then, you must stop using synthetic fresheners, such as plug-ins and sprays.

Click here to check out Dr. Ben Kim’s insight and information on synthetic air fresheners and their negative impact.

I get it that sometimes the children in our rooms bring certain odors along with them, especially after a warm outdoor recess day or an especially enthusiastic physical education hour!  I understand that nice smells can be uplifting and mask the yucky odors.  Yet, I seek a more natural way of bringing those nicer scents in…

So,are you ready to toss those health depleting fresheners? Wondering how to freshen up the air in your classroom? Essential oils!   What is really terrific about essential oils (EO), they have side BENEFITS along with great scents! doTerra, an EO company, shares some benefits here.

Bridget Sheehan a teacher of eight years in Malden, Massachusetts, commented about her first-grade classroom, “I kept a very simple and home-like environment this year.  I wanted my room to be a home away from home for my students.  Many of my students have difficult home lives and I wanted them to come to a place of solace for learning.  I keep the overhead lights off…lamps only and a set of Christmas lights over a simple bulletin board.”   Bridget began her journey as a personal user of EO about a year ago.  In alignment with her philosophy of a home-like space, she diffuses EOs daily.  Bridget’s students inquire about the “flavors” (scents) they will be using for the day.  She shared that lemongrass and peppermint oil top the charts.  “I love that I can see what my class needs and adjust the oils.”  I followed up with Bridget on what she meant by adjusting based on needs, here is what she replied: “When illness is ripping through my classroom, I love to diffuse on-guard and lemon.  During testing days, I use rosemary, peppermint, and lemon.  When rainy weather or long Massachusetts (USA) winters hit, I love to use cheer and balance. I also use citrus bliss to elevate mood and spirits.  When students are having a hard time regulating their bodies and emotions, I diffuse lavender, balance, and frankincense.”

Natural News, an on-line news source, notes, “… handkerchiefs are a most convenient way to use essential oils. Inhaling a scented handkerchief with your favorite oil will ease the stress that accumulates throughout the day. Just 2 or 3 drops will do the trick.”  Imagine your child indulging in and benefitting from one!

For my personal use, a couple lavender drops, behind my ears, helps me chill out as well as help me enjoy great sleep.  Wild orange or lemon, diffused in my home or car; smelling delicious and helps me feel upbeat!  I put one or two drops of lemon in my wash to remove odors.  I love to dab on-guard on my pulse points, during cold and flu season to keep my health strong.  I enjoy diffusing peppermint to give myself an energy boost. Imagine your class enjoying all this!

Bridget and I will be chatting again following the winter.  She’ll be observing what happens over time as the diffusing of various oils continues… in the meantime if you’d love to know more about EO, get in touch, I’ll hook you up!


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