Heidi Ross

Even if you have a degree, the magna cum, the latte extra, you’ll want what I’ve got to share about teaching early literacy!

Literacy (aka teaching reading) is made up of four parts: listening, speaking, reading, writing. All four need each other!

Check out my free page to gain a master dose of the secrets your professors or your librarians don’t know.

Tired of canned curriculum and scripted lessons? I’ll show you a deeper way to understand the developing brains of your early literacy pint-sized-humans.

I’ve been teaching long enough to have been thrown up on (ew), sworn at (f-u), cried while drinking wine after a long day (insert wine glass emoji), I have lived “in the trenches” (sweat dripping off brow), I’ve been fed-up with administration (eye roll), I’ve spoken up andback to principals (are you talkin’ to me?), helped my colleagues (love), nurtured colleagues (more love), and taught as well as modeled hundreds of lessons (I love the spotlight!).

I’ve taught students as young as 5 (aw cuties) and as old as raging hormonal high schoolers (watch out), aaaannnndddd adult learners (they force me to be better and don’t require me to wipe their runny noses)!

I am a trained in Reading Recovery teacher (the best reading/writing early intervention ever and the foundation for everything Guided Reading and Fountas and Pinnell). Some call me a Reading Specialist, some, a Literacy Coach, some, an energized life-long learner, some, an annoyance!

I’m your mentor: click here, let us get started!

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