Heidi Ross


I’m Heidi, an Educator On Fire!

Are you one like me? 
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I love connecting with other educators with a fire in their belly looking to make their way or have been around the block, of the educational landscape.

Any time I talk about education I get a fiery feeling inside!  There is no containing it and the fire simply shoots out (sometimes needs an extinguisher or a person who can at minimum handle the heat or the debate!)  I’ve been teaching long enough to have been thrown up on, sworn at, cried while drinking wine after a long day, I have lived “in the trenches”, I’ve been fed-up with administration, I’ve spoken up or back to principals, helped my colleagues, nurtured colleagues, and taught as well as modeled hundreds of lessons.

I’ve taught students as young as 5 and as old as 15 (early childhood/primary – adolescent/high school).  My niche is literacy with a specific focus on primary grades. Reading Recovery teacher, Reading Specialist, and Literacy Coach, are just a few of my enjoyed roles.

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