How to Create a Literacy Lesson Plan in 7 Steps:
A Must Have for New Teachers of 1st and 2nd Grade

Even if you’ve graduated with high marks (but never delivered a fabulous reading lesson)

Even if you think you’re lead teacher knew it all (this lesson plan will set you up for success ever time)

Complete this workshop with a lesson ready for tomorrow and forever!

Tuesday, May 23 3:00 EST

@ 9: 00PM EST, 6:00PM PST

Wednesday, May 24 9:00 EST

@ 6:00PM EST, 3:00PM PST

Heidi Ross

Heidi Ross

An Educator on Fire!

What Your Brainy Self with Take Away from this FREE Workshop


  • What an actionable daily literacy lesson will do for your teaching sKILLS (because yes, you’re gonna kill it)
  • How to include all the parts of literacy in a lesson (EVEN if you think you know it all already)
  • Easily applied across all content areas (or would you rather leave it all to the chatty student)
  • Knowledge of a solid foundation you won’t find in any teacher’s manual (because I once flung this across the room due to its uselessness)
  • The confidence to teach literacy and know exactly what to do (EVEN if you are one of those know it alls, which I hope you’re not)


Heidi Ross

About Heidi Ross

17 years in the trenches of teaching literacy, coaching literacy, modeling lessons and supporting new teachers on their journey of teaching literacy.
I finished my graduate studies with a degree IN teaching literacy – I made a mess of my first year until I learned some very valuable and important secrets, that I want to share with you.

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