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Reading Recovery: How your first grader will learn to read and write

All exceptional literacy programs in schools far and wide are based on the principles of Reading Recovery. Levels were born from Reading Recovery. To understand Reading Recovery, when taught by a skillful and trained Reading Recovery teacher will get your first grader reading and writing with joy and confidence.

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How to Teach Reading: Summer Slide with Tracking Devices

Dripping with sarcasm like the popsicle you are holding in the hot sun... Guess what term made it into the mass market following NCLB (No Child Left Behind) aka (No Capitalist Corporation ever to Lose Billions)? Summer slide. When NCLB took a grip on the US,...

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How to Teach Literacy – by making it…

Stop the boredom in your room! Get outside and LISTEN and allow for lots of SPEAKING. Literacy is about listening and speaking as much as it is about reading and writing. Why is listening and speaking forgotten? Embrace the outdoors and spring time, you’ll love it and so will your students!

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